The Impact of Listening on Leases

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How to Improve Your Prospect Communication and Listening Skills and Sign More Leases

The most important thing you can do to increase converting qualified prospects into signed leases is for you to improve your listening skills.

You must learn to listen to prospective residents attentively, without interruptions.

As a rule, people pay attention to people they most value.

When you pay close attention to another person when he or she is speaking, you signal to that person that you very much value him or her and the content of their comments. This is very flattering to another person and it causes them to respond warmly to your attentiveness.

The Impact of Listening on Leases

If you are showing a lot of units not getting many applications or leases, it could be your listening skills.

The major reason that most leasing agents and property managers have poor listening skills is that they are busy preparing a reply while the prospect in front of them is still speaking.

In fact, they are not even listening closely to what the prospect is saying. They are thinking of other things and formulating their comments to be ready as soon as the other person takes a breath.

The prospect is talking about the view and you are preparing to tell them about the appliances in the kitchen.

Sometimes, even when we are listening to the prospect, we give the appearance that we are not.

Did you look at your phone while they were talking? Did your iWatch alert you? Smartwatches are the worst, as the wearer cant help but look at it every time a message comes in and it gives the appearance they are bored and checking to see what time it is.

Are you ready to listen your way to more leases? Sounds too good to be true doesn’t it?

As property managers we tend to believe we better have all the answers and show the renter everything to sign a lease in today’s ultra-competitive apartment markets.

In my property manager training boot camps I show leasing agents the right listening skills to sign more leases.

The right property manager training will teach leasing agents to face the prospect directly, smile, lean slightly forward, and hang onto every word.

Improve your listening skills by listening as though there were nothing else in the world more fascinating to you than what the prospect is saying. The very best property managers seem to have developed the knack of making the person that they are listening to feel as if he or she were the only person in the world.

If you want to impress a renter and cause them to think highly of you and your apartment community, just pay close, undivided attention to every single word they, as though they were about to give you the winning Powerball number and would only repeat it once.

You will be amazed at how much more a prospect will tell you about the unit and how much happier they are with you the leasing agent when you show them that you have effective communication and listening skills

Active Listening Skills

In addition to listening without interrupting, you should also nod, smile and agree with what the renter is saying. Be active rather than passive.

Indicate that you are totally engaged in the conversation. Make eye contact as the other person talks. Relax your body and if you are standing, allow your weight to roll forward onto the balls of your feet. Only you will know that you have done this, but the overall impression you will give the prospect is that your whole energy is now forward and focused on what they are saying.