The 2 Most Important Qualities for Career Advancement in Property Management

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What can you do to increase the value of your service to your property, region or portfolio today?

If you are a leasing agent, property manager or regional manager, first, remind yourself that you are on the payroll to help your leadership achieve their objectives for the organization. It is absolutely essential that you know exactly what is most important to your leadership and that you do everything possible to satisfy that need with precision and excellence.

Recently, I asked several property management CEO’s what qualities would most put a person on the fast track in your portfolio and organization. These CEO’s told me that the two most important qualities for rapid advancement in property management were:

First, the ability to set priorities. This is ability to separate the relevant from the irrelevant and focus on the activities that make the greatest contribution to the company in the shortest amount of time.

Second is speed. The willingness and ability to get on with a job and get it done fast. One of the most valuable qualities you can develop on property management is a sense of urgency.

Something that we work on in my training boot camps and live events is moving from task orientation to action orientation.