Property Manager Training | How to Lease Any Apartment

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As I conduct property manager training all over the world, I hear it all in terms of “my situation is unique”. The one thing all apartment communities have in common is that they are all in unique situations.

In this property manager training video, I’m going to teach you how to lease an apartment to anyone at any time.

When it comes to showing apartments and to closing leases, there are so many different techniques. Today, I am going to share with you 3 powerful secrets that you can use as a property manager or leasing agent to close leases in any type of community, in any market and to anyone and any time.

At the core, apartments are basically commodities, renters have choices and the marketplace is very noisy. To make matters worse, many properties spend their entire marketing budgets on ILS’s that place them in a very congested, noisy, cattle call marketplace where apartments are shown as cold, common commodities.

The leads coming from ILS are focused on price, this doesn’t do the leasing agent any favors.

In this property manager training, I cover 3 powerful secrets that will help you sign more leases even if your prospects are coming to you after finding you on an ILS  that trained them to only be concerned about price.

Property Manager Training Secret #1 People Don’t Rent an Apartment Based on Logic.

People don’t choose an apartment based on logic. They choose to rent that apartment based on emotion and they justify it with logic.

Property Management Secret #2 People Don’t Buy Their Way Into Something, They Buy Their Way Out of Something.

People are renting your apartment because they have a problem they want to be solved. They want to buy their way out of a problem. They hate their commute, their current apartment has a view of a brick wall, they are starting a new chapter after a divorce.

Find out what it is that you are helping them solve. What is that problem, what is that thing that is most important to them that you need to understand.

Property Manager Training Secret #3 People Don’t Rent Units and Amenities, They Rent Stories. 

There are so many choices for apartments out there in the marketplace and only being advertised on ILS’s like makes matters worse by placing you amongst a seemingly endless array of properties to choose from. Any apartment you want, there are hundreds and hundreds of choices on ILS’s. How do you make your property stand out? How do you add emotions to a commodity? Story.