Leasing Agents, Are You Willing to Crash & Burn?

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“You have to be willing to crash and burn, because if you’re afraid of failing, you will not get very far.” – Steve Jobs



Crash & Burn…  That just sounds ugly, doesn’t it?  Who in the world even likes to ponder the thought of Crashing & Burning?  I suppose that if you’re in the world of property management like we are, you need to think about it all of the time – yes?

Isn’t it a fact that every single one of us needs to be willing to Crash & Burn in order to do what we do?

They say that the one word that the most successful leasing agents the world hear more than any other, is no…  Are you willing to Pick Up the Phone?  Are you willing to Ask  for the lease? Are you willing to hear “no”?

Being willing to Crash & Burn is what separates the people that DO things from the people that just dream about them.

You have to be willing enough to take actionmassive actionaction that is going to result in some “no’s” and some failures, but will also produce the results that you and your team are seeking!

As we head into fall, the demand for apartments is going to slow dramatically. MultiFamily Traffic can make the phones ring with and massive wave of hot, qualified, local renters but I need each and every one of you to be motivated to close the leads we give you – I need you full of courage and pride, but 100% willing to Crash & Burn!

Don’t be afraid to answer the phone when we make it ring and don’t be afraid to ask for the lease!  The prospects we send the property need your help. Only you can help them make the decision and take away their pain and uncertainty.

Are you willing to Pick Up the Phone?  Are you willing to Ask  for the Lease? Are you willing to hear “no”If you are – you’ll get far and the first stop is your occupancy goal this month.