Leasing Agent Training

Leasing Agent Training 101

Leasing Agent Training: These days too many apartment managers and leasing agents spend too much time selling and no time closing.

When it comes to leasing agent training; Selling and closing are two are completely different arts. Selling requires you to sell features, benefits and get emotional involvement from the prospective renter while the close requires persistence and logic to make sense of getting your prospect to make a very big decision in choosing to call your community home.

Closing directs the renter to take action and sign a lease usually their single largest monthly expense. The world is filled with community managers and leasing agents who never commit to the art of closing the deal! Here are my top 10 rules to getting you that yes and a signature on the lease.


1.) Always be seated. Never present your lease to a prospective renter while you are standing. You don’t close the sale that way. Sell on your feet close from your seat!

2.) Always present in writing. Never talk about the lease without presenting it in writing. Always present with a lease that is ready to sign rather than with a conversation.

3.) Always clearly communicate your lease with the renter. Don’t mumble. Clearly, asking for them to sign the lease to close the deal. “Becky we can’t wait to have to have you move in if you don’t have any other reservations, sign here.”

4.) Always make eye contact. Make direct eye contact with your prospective renter, be confident and determined to get a lease signed now not later. Practice this often so that you can maintain eye contact to close the deal.

5.) Always have a pen available. The leasing agent that doesn’t have pen and contract ready is not a closer. Never be without a pen and contract so that when the opportunity is there, you don’t miss it.

6.) Use humor to relieve pressure. I have never met a closer that didn’t know how to use humor to relieve pressure. The best property managers have hundreds of little one-liners to relieve pressure and close the deal.

7.) Always ask one more time! Most property managers never ask for the close one time, much less the 5-6 times that is necessary.

8.) Always have an arsenal of closes available. You need to have closes for every possible stall and objection the renter can throw at you. It’s human nature to resist a decision, especially something as big as choosing where to live. Remember, the buyers don’t make sales, you do.

9.) Always stay with the renter. Never leave the renter if possible. You want compression in the close so that the renter cannot get away from the idea of making a decision.

10.) Always treat the renter like a renter. Regardless of the prospects financial situation or reasons for not being able to rent, always continue to treat the renter like a renter despite what they tell you. This is often overlooked in leasing agent training

Follow these top 10 rules to close the deal and master the art of closing. Remember, if you ever need any help to get you started or even just want more ways to sign leases or get more calls coming into the leasing office, call me at 303-803-7372 or

How to Lease Apartments | Understand What Renters Are Searching For

Do you want to know how to lease apartments? 9 out of 10 renters look for apartments using Google. When they make a search, they type in queries related to what they’re looking for. It could be “luxury apartments in irving”, “denver apartments”, or “westside apartments atlanta”. These are keywords.

When it comes to how to lease apartments, keywords lay the foundation for your Google marketing campaigns. If you use the right keywords for your campaigns, you will be attracting the right type of renter and lead them to tour the community and signing a lease. If not, you will be wasting all your time, money, and effort.

Keyword research sets the stage for your success in all things Google and apartment marketing. This involves more than just looking for search terms to use in a campaign.

Effective keyword research is also about understanding how apartment search terms match with the intent of renters, the type of units you want to lease, and the prospective residents budget.

How to Lease Apartments

If you want to know how to lease apartments, you should not start a digital marketing or SEO campaign until you know which keywords to target for your apartment community. Determining the ideal keywords requires research and hard-data, not guesses. Think of it this way: targeting the wrong keywords is like putting the wrong lease prices on your website. Instead of getting calls from hot, qualified potential new residents you get interested people that can’t afford to live at the community at best, or no interest at all.

Knowing what renters are searching for in your market is critical and even better you want to know how many people are searching each keyword per month.

Let’s take a look at people searching for a luxury apartment in San Francisco. An easy one to guess right? Wrong. Would you have guessed that 32 times more people search for “luxury apartments san francisco” than “luxury apartments for rent in san francisco”?

This a massive difference when you want to know how to lease apartments, imagine if 32 times more people called your leasing office? For example, you get 18 calls a day currently, by simply ranking for a different search term your calls skyrocket to 576 calls per day! The only difference is the keyword your website ranks for.

This is why we rank our clients for the 15 most searched keywords in their market and we don’t guess at what renters are searching for with do a deep analysis of Google and we don’t charge for our keyword research. Even if you do business with someone else we want you to know the keywords renters are searching for as it is critical to your success. Call us today at 888-683-5885 or email me: and we will run your research for free.