Why Does Managing Your Own Adwords Spend Not Deliver A Good Return Of Investment?

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6 Ways To Increase AdWords ROIHave you ever wondered why you spent thousands of dollars on Google Adwords marketing but had a very small return of investment? You may have constantly thought that it had to be something wrong with your website because Google Ads does direct visitors to the business so why do you never see results?

Google Adwords started fifteen years ago and since then, millions upon millions of online businesses have used this very popular marketing technique where you pay a certain amount of money to show up on Google search results while trying to reach new customers. Apartment communities are no exception to rule. If you have ever searched for an apartment on Google, you know that there is way too many options. The problem is that these communities are not receiving a positive return of investment using Google Adwords, pay per click advertising. They invest a couple thousands of dollars every month into Google Adwords but then only end up with 1 or 2 leases from it. This has resulted in many businesses and apartment companies removing Google Adwords from their marketing routine all together. However, some people have so much faith in Google that they keep using Google Adwords with no return of investment, hoping that one day it will pick up.If you are one of those that got too frustrated and stopped using Google Adwords, you will be glad to hear some good news. If you are willing to give Google Adwords another chance, it can actually prove to be an effective marketing strategy if you know how to use it. If you are one of those that are still holding out for Google Adwords to magically work one day, you will be happy to hear some even better news. You do not need to settle for bad returns of investment just because you are using Google Adwords. Using Google Adwords apartment marketing, you will be able to produce more effective results for the money you are putting in.The reason why Google Adwords can be seemingly impossible to receive a good ROI is because it is actually extremely complicated compared to more traditional ways of advertising. In order to figure out what is keeping your Google Adwords campaign on the ground, you need to analyze the ads carefully and take some daunting steps to achieve success.How Does Google Adwords Work?
The first step in order to see results from your Google Adwords campaign is actually knowing how it works in the first place. You probably know the basics, that Adwords is an advertising system that is based on an auction. This is technically true but can actually mislead many marketers. This description of Google Adwords makes it seem somewhat like Ebay, involving the win of a top bidder but the placement you get on Google searches has nothing to do with being the highest bidder so let’s eliminate that description. If this were true, the world’s biggest companies would only be at the top of Google. If this were the case, these companies would not be relevant or helpful to the users searching on Google, therefore, would never click on them. Well, this means that Google would not make any money. This simply is not the case so let’s move on to a more sensible description.

Google Adwords uses a very complicated system which involves many factors. First off, Google takes a look at the size of the bid that one pays along with Quality Score. This is a proprietary metric system that Google produced. The name says it all. Google gives a score to an ad based on its overall quality. The better the ad, the higher Quality Score it will be given. If you combine this with a nice size bid, you will then have a better chance at a higher place on Google.

Keywords are a very important aspect for success on Google Adwords. This is the most important step to analyze why your apartment community is not receiving a good return of investment. You must target your keywords in the correct way. This is not referring to how many keywords you list. It is all about the precision of the keywords. If you put a ton of keywords that are not perfectly specific to what you offer, you will end up with more than one difficulty on your hands.

  • Your keywords will have more competition which makes the cost of each click on your add increase a lot.
  • Most of the searchers who see or click on your ad will not be of high interest.
  • You will be spending tons of money on the clicks you may be getting but the percentage of searchers who actually click on your add will decrease significantly. This creates a domino effect because if you have a low clickthrough rate, Google decides that you are not relevant to Google’s users and will lower your Quality Score. Then, you will not even be able to be seen on Google yet your click costs will go up. It is a vicious cycle that communities do not want to go through./

The reason why Google lowers your Quality Score and raises your cost per click is because they no longer want ads that are low quality to show up on searches. They would rather have high quality ads that people continue using Google and they will continue to make money.

To avoid all of this and actually get success using Google Adwords, you need to create a good keyword strategy. Instead of getting tons of competition, target a small group of people who will actually be interested in the apartment community. This will not only raise your clickthrough rate, it will also keep the costs low and produce better leads which will lead to leases.

After A Searcher Clicks On Your Ad
This is another very important aspect for success with Google Adwords. Where do people go after they click on your ad? You have to remember that when Google displays high quality ads, that is a bonus for you and them. If they display bad quality ads, everyone loses. You need to know how Google defines quality.

  • Relevancy to the user’s search
  • The behavior of the user when they see the ad (whether they click on it or not)
  • The behavior of the user after they click on your ad. Does the user browse your website for a few minutes or do they go right back to the Google search page? (This means they did not find what they are looking for)

Ad Extensions
Ad extensions are great advantages that Google Adwords gives to enhance the effectiveness of their ads. Extensions include extra links to your website right below the ad, a widget that shows your average review ratings, or even a button that lets Google users call the apartment community right their from the search result page. The key to Google Adwords is targeting the right audience and making them interested once they get there. If you combine those two factors, you are sure to have success with Google Adwords.

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