Who We Are

MultiFamily Traffic was founded in 2003 by a group led by actual property owners and operators. In 2007, we became dissatisfied with the high expense and low quality of leads provided by Internet Listing Services (ILS) so we began explore how we could organically rank our own properties on Google and other search engines without being “held hostage” by the ILS companies or Google AdWords.

By 2009 our formula was so successful that we decided it was time to revolutionize the multifamily housing and apartment industries by offering Multifamily Traffic as a service to other owner/operators as well. The rest is history…

More leases is what we all want, more traffic is how to get there; we want your leasing office buzzing with prospective renters. MultiFamily Traffic can boost the calls and visits to your leasing office by optimizing and promoting the property’s website. The right keyword searches can make or break an apartment complexes marketing budget. Our keyword research team is the best money can buy. Not only do we research and find the right keywords to target in your area, we drive that traffic right to your webpage and leasing office.

MultiFamily Traffic has the most experience in engineering great rankings for apartment communities. Contact us to schedule an eye opening consultation. Results are what matter to all of our clients. We can get your leasing office infused with hot, qualified prospects looking for a place to call home.