Leasing Your Apartments Straight From Google Search Results

  • Post on June 2nd, 2015
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mobileThings may be getting a lot more interesting in apartment leasing very soon. Google just launched a new feature for Google Plus listings. This new feature is called “Place an Order” which allows you to place an order for delivery without leaving Google.

If you click here it will walk you through a demo of just how easy it is to place an order on Google without ever leaving the website you are on. If we take this same easy-to-use process and apply it to apartment complexes you could literally have prospective renters reserving or even leasing a unit directly from Google.

Google Plus is GAME CHANGER for the apartment industry, remember nobody types in “” or “” they instead end up there after searching for an apartment in their local area by typing in keywords like “Apartments in San Diego”. MultiFamily Traffic can rank YOUR WEBSITE at the top of Google so that renters land on YOUR WEBSITE before they ever end up at or

We can help you ensure your Google listing is being shown to the active searching renters in your properties geographical area? We get leases, PERIOD! Call us today at 888-683-5885 we are ready to help

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