Facebook Analytics for Apartment Managers

  • Post on September 20th, 2015
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Facebook Analytics
Are you a social media marketer for apartments? If so are you fully utilizing the analytic tools at your disposal, such as Facebook’s “Insights? If you said no to any of the above you are severely limiting your marketing potential. Not only is this a fantastic tool, but Facebook recently revamped it to improve access, which means no more dealing with tough to read spreadsheets or exporting issues to worry about.

If you are feeling technologically impaired, do not worry, Facebook’s Insights is super simple to use. Still not sure it is for you? Let’s look at just how easy it could be to advance your marketing techniques using this tool.

Keyword ReportAdministrators Page: You will find five tabs at the top of your admin page; these include Post, Insights, Notification, Messages and Page. First go to the Insights tab, in this section you will find a basic view of the Facebook activity for your page. You can review how many likes, how many people are being engaged and how many people your posts have reached.

In addition to this basic information, you will find five more categories at the top of the Insight page that will further break down your social activity. These tabs can provide you with some very valuable marketing information and are labeled as follows:

Likes: from this page you will find out a lot more about your “likes” such as overall count, recent trends (up or down) and a graph of the information over set time periods.

Reach: from this page you can determine how important your posts are, how many people clicked through, liked or merely saw your posts.

Visits: from this page you will learn more about the people who visited including how they found you by learning where they came from.

Posts: On this page, you will discover more about your top post, information like what time your fans checked the post, how many people they reached and much more.

People: On this page, you will find more about the people who are following you and liking your posts, information like age range, gender and whether they are fans or general Facebook audience.

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