Do You Need To Hire A Professional AdWords Manager for Apartments?

  • Post on April 9th, 2016
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6 Ways To Increase AdWords ROIMultifamily Traffic has been professionally managing AdWords for apartments since 2007, and in that time, we have come across thousands of apartment website AdWords campaigns that are performing very poorly, not getting the proper amount of leases for way too much money per click.

images (1)The majority of AdWords campaigns either managed by properties or even “outside industry” help are under-performing, either the management company does not understand Google or the SEO/SEM company does not understand our industry and their inexperience and lack of knowledge leads to some pretty big gaps in these AdWords campaigns (not to mention a ton of wasted money and unoccupied units).

The simple fact is is there’s not much money to be saved “self-managing” your Google AdWords campaign or hiring an “expert” that does not focus strictly on apartments. Still, apartment managers choose to self-manage their AdWords accounts every day. Based on our conversations, a lot of the apartment managers and portfolios that MultiFamily Traffic has helped didn’t know that they needed help in the first place. Once we got to work, they were overjoyed with the amount of calls into the leasing office.

So, here is a list of questions community portfolio manager can ask themselves to figure out if they can save money hiring MultiFamily Traffic:

1) Are you getting any results? If the answer is “no”, you should give MultiFamily Traffic a call. The fact is that AdWords works, its the reason Google is the largest brand in the world, it WORKS, it flat out gets your units leased. If your AdWords campaign isn’t generating business, chances are good that you’re missing something.

2) Did you watch all the Google AdWords videos? There are two steps to becoming an AdWords expert. 1) Learn everything about Google’s system. 2) Practice everything you learn. All of MultiFamily Traffic’s AdWords account managers are certified Google and MultiFamily Traffic is a certified Google Partner  all our account managers have attended both of Google’s AdWords workshops (basic and advanced), each year we attend Google’s AdWords conferences (Search Engine Strategies, Affiliate Summit, etc.), and we currently manage hundreds of thousands of dollars in AdWords spend every month.

3) Do you know the difference between the content network and the search network? Google AdWords allows you to target advertisements towards specific keyword searches (the search network) as well as targeting ads to relevant content (the content network). The search network usually has the best ROI for apartments, and the content network can be a HUGE waste of cash for communities if it’s not managed correctly. If you’re not aware of the differences between search and content, it’s time to hire MultiFamily Traffic.

4) Are you paying less than $2 for a click no matter how hot your local housing market is? If the answer is ‘no’, you have a low ad quality score. It’s time to bring MultiFamily Traffic on board to help you get more out of your campaign and get your leasing office phones ringing off the hook!

5) Can you track the results from any of your AdWords ads? If you know what ads are working (and how well), you’re a step ahead of every other property in your local area if not, you need help. If you or your community managers eyes glaze over when you read “conversion tracking,” well, it’s probably time to call Multifamily Traffic.

MultiFamily Traffic charges a very simple and small monthly management fee to run your AdWords spend for you and ensure you are getting to most calls into the leasing office with the lowest cost per lease.  We have yet to find a property that we were not able to both boost results and cut costs even factoring our management fee.

In any case, unless you can answer “yes” to all of the questions above and have 2 hours each day per community to tune up your AdWords accounts, it’s time to consider MultiFamily Traffic to help you.

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