Avoid These Five Common Mistakes When Marketing Your Apartment

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Due to today’s economy, more people are interested in renting an apartment than in purchasing a house to live in. Some cannot financially afford the cost of buying a house and the expense of the upkeep. An apartment is more financially feasible and attractive to them. Others think that with the current real estate market, the house they may buy may drop in value in a few years so it’s a better use of their financial resources to rent an apartment. There has never been a better time for apartment communities to reach out to these people in their target market. If approached correctly, apartment community websites should be able to generate more leads than ever. Unfortunately many apartment community websites are not producing the enough quality leads on which their staff can follow up. Although the quantity of people looking for apartments within your town is there, the price point may be right in there budget, and they are looking for the amenities your community has to offer, these prospects are not able to find you. The solution just may be in your apartment community marketing strategy.

The Five TipsThe following five tips should help you produce more leads to accomplish the goal of finding good quality people to fill the available spaces in your apartment community.
1) Make Sure Your Website is Optimized For Search Engine Traffic to Get More Potential RentersThe important step in this first tip is to make sure that when someone Googles the name of your apartment complex, your apartment complex comes up as the very first coptimizationhoice in the search. You have to optimize SEO key words to get your website seen first in order to attract more people. Getting people to your website is half the battle. Once there, they will be able to find out all about your¬†apartment community and what it has to offer. They will also be able to see specifics about the apartments you have to offer which will enable them to decide if your apartment community is a good fit for them. But if your website is not optimized for search engine traffic, few potential renters will even be able to find out about the wonderful elements your apartment community has to offer. You don’t want to send them somewhere else because another apartment complex came up first in their search results.The following link will provide you with information on how potential renters can find your apartment community first when doing a Google search:


2) Provide Floor Plan Specific Content on Your Website

Once you have attracted people to your website, you need to show them what they want to see. Many apartment community marketing staff spend a lot of time and effort making sure potential renters can see the benefits of living in the community from perusing the community website. They may floor planpromote the prestige of living in that particular apartment community, the amenities offered, and photos of the outsides of the buildings and extra perks such as a swimming pool or playground for the kids. But they fail to see the website from the potential renter’s point of view. The main concern of a potential renter is what the apartments actually look like inside. They want to see photos and floor plans so they can quickly assess whether or not the apartments will be large enough for them or laid out in their optimal way. Websites that offer this information tucked away somewhere in the back pages can lose potential renters. People today often don’t have the time or energy to wade through pretty pictures of your freshly mown yard, the clubhouse, or the pond at sunset. And also just showing them a 2d diagram of your apartments is not enough. Detailed floor plans in a readily accessible area on the website is what attracts and keeps potential renters on your website. They want to find out as much information as they can quickly, on the first page or two, and easily accessed floor plans and video floor plans will help them do that. You want to provide enough detailed floor plan information right at the outset of their finding your website that it will prompt them to make the phone call to get a closer look.

3) Make Sure to Include Highly Visible Contact Information

Many apartment community websites don’t have contact information in readily available on their websites. This can be frustrating to a potential renter who sees what they like and wants to call and make an appointment. Or maybe they have questions and want to contact someone, but don’t see the contact information anywhere Contact uson the first page. They may leave your site and move on to the next if they can’t easily find contact information. Some websites have the contact information in tiny print way down at the bottom of some of the pages, which is hard to find as well. The best way to have contact information readily available to potential renters is to have that information clearly posted on the top of each page of your website, in the right hand corner. For desktop users, your phone number needs to be large in that area so they can easily see it. For mobile users, a number is fine, or provide a button they can click on to contact you. Apartment hunting can be a tedious and frustrating process for people. Making the contact information clearly visible and easy to find will make potential renters more likely to call you rather than another complex where the information is easier to find.

4) Make Sure the Website is Connected to a Good Quality Paid Search Campaign

Connecting your website to a quality paid search campaign will send people to your website quickly. You may have a beautiful website with all the bells and whistles that show your apartment community to be the best around. And you may have great floor plans and your contact information is easily found on every whmcslogopage. But it won’t matter if you can’t get people to your website. An organic search presence takes time to build up. Adding a paid search campaign to the organic search presence boosts its success. In fact according to recent information provided by SEER Interactive, adding a paid search campaign to your organic search presence can boost it as much as 32% and that’s a lot when you are talking about potential renters.

5) Make Sure Your Website is Mobile Friendly

So many people are on the go these days that many use mobile devices to access the internet on a daily basis through their tablets and smartphones. If your website is not mobile-friendly, you can lose potential residents to your community. In terms of marketing, without a mobile friendly mobile websitemobile, you are cutting yourself out of the picture for many people searching for apartments. This will cause your website traffic to dip. Apartment community marketers must keep this fact in mind when setting up their websites to attract the most number of potential renters. Many tech companies, including Google, are very invested in mobile technology. Making it easy for people to find your website in all possible ways, including those that are mobile friendly must will bring you more potential renters.


With the higher demand for apartments in the current economy, it is essential to provide potential new residents for your apartment community with easy access to your website. After all, in order to provide quality leads to your leasing staff, people have to be able to find your website first, and then be able to gather information from your website easily. Only by finding your website will they be able to see all your apartment community has to offer, and make the contact. If you lead them, they will come!

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