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These days, apartment marketing is a moving target. As a portfolio or property manager you and your team must constantly work hard to make the most of your properties incomming leads while reducing your costs per lease.

Apartment marketing can involve everything your community’s website design and search engine optimization, to online leasing, Internet listing services (ILS), and social media like twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

MultiFamily Traffic has you covered as the only apartment marketing firm with deep expertise. Each of our partner communities are assigned a dedicated team of analysts ready to help you get the phones in the leasing office ringing.


If you need units leased today, we can manage a Google AdWords campaign that will get the phone ringing instantly and when it comes to saving you money with Google, you have come to the right place; we manage over $10,000,000 in AdWords a year. All that volume gives you 2 advantages: 1. We know exactly how to create a campaign that will bring you truck loads of qualified renters, and 2. We save you 40% to 85% on what you would pay Google if you bought the traffic on you own.

If you’re a portfolio or property owner, apartment marketing director, or property manager, you know how hard it can be to lease units. You’re always trying to compete with newer communities loaded with the latest fad amenities, or on the fli[p-side you fight better established communities that are already well known and have an established presence in the area.

The bottom line is, if you wait around for prospects to drive-by and stop in, they wont. Even those newer flashy are employing an air tight strategy to use SEO to get there property to page one for the top 10 keywords the most desirable renters in your area are searching for. Do you even know the top 10 keywords for your community? If not call us and we will tell you free of charge 88-683-5665. You need to get your property in front of the right people, MultiFamily Traffic does just that for hundreds of communities all across the country.

whmcslogoApartment SEO is the application of various strategies to improve the search rankings of your community webpage. Basically, it is the listings that you see on page every time you search Google, for anything. When qualified renters that are looking to sign a lease, search Google (and 97% of renters start with Google) we want them to find your property. MultiFamily Traffic’s apartment marketing strategies are begin with quality link building. Search engine optimization is the most important important piece to any apartment marketing plan and with a well-rounded strategy; most any property, latest fad amenities or not, can get to 100% occupancy very easily.

Why start with MultiFamily Traffic? First off, we are the only apartment marketing partner with deep property management experience. Before we ever formed MultiFamily Traffic years ago we were perfecting our strategies on our own portfolios. Today, MultiFamily Traffic is responsible for an average of 1,300 leases per day. Search engine optimization is an investment into your properties future as organic traffic (renters finding you on Google, without seeing a paid ad) has a much higher ROI than paid search traffic (Google AdWords). The vast majority of the search traffic on Google goes to the organic search results. If your property isn’t on page 1 or 2 for your top keywords, you are missing out on a thousands of potential renters ringing the phones in your leasing office.

Any apartment marketing professional that works with MultiFamily Traffic will tell you – the one constant is change and their team at MultiFamily Traffic helps them keep up with the changes that occur on Google every day. Google has gone on record stating that they update the algorithm over 500 times per year! That translates to approximately 10 updates every single week. Yes, you read that right, every single week.

If you want to do your own apartment SEO, great. Who will take on the rest of your job? How do you plan to keep up with the ongoing changes? Is this the best use of your time anyway?

Our job at MultiFamily Traffic is to keep up with the changes, test new hypotheses, and shield your properties from potential penalties from the search engines. We spend time every single day looking at how your property website is performing and  keeping up with the trends.

Millions of online apartment searches are performed each day, resulting in new leases being signed. Is your website being found by renters? The fact is the first 20 results on search engines like Google receive about 97% of all click-through traffic. Our job is to make your property website one of these top results. By leveraging our years of expertise in both apartment marketing and apartment portfolio ownership we will help your property GET FOUND online and your VACANT UNITS LEASED.

MultiFamily Traffic is headquartered in Denver, Colorado. We have been in operation since 2003 and have helped thousands communities see great success in driving low cost leases to their properties. Most clients are so pleased with our service that they end up eliminating most other forms of lease-up services including expensive ILS subscriptions, saving the property thousands per month in apartment advertising fees.

MultiFamily Traffic was founded in 2003 by a group led by actual property owners and operators. In 2007, we became dissatisfied with the high expense and low quality of leads provided by Internet Listing Services (ILS) so we began explore how we could organically rank our own properties on Google and other search engines without being “held hostage” by the ILS companies or Google AdWords.

By 2009 our formula was so successful that we decided it was time to revolutionize the multifamily housing and apartment industries by offering Multifamily Traffic as a service to other owner/operators as well. The rest is history…

More leases is what we all want, more traffic is how to get there; we want your leasing office buzzing with prospective renters. MultiFamily Traffic can boost the calls and visits to your leasing office by optimizing and promoting the property’s website. The right keyword searches can make or break an apartment complexes marketing budget. Our keyword research team is the best money can buy. Not only do we research and find the right keywords to target in your area, we drive that traffic right to your webpage and leasing office.

MultiFamily Traffic has the most experience in engineering great rankings for apartment communities. Contact us to schedule an eye opening consultation. Results are what matter to all of our clients. We can get your leasing office infused with hot, qualified prospects looking for a place to call home.


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