Apartment Marketing Tips

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Apartment Marketing Tips

Get creative with the invitations for your next event! For example, hold an informational luncheon and mail the invitations in brown lunch bags.

Brochures often get misplaced. Instead, put together a professional binder with floor plans, flyers, price sheets and photos. Give a binder to preferred sources to serve as a more permanent reference.

If your property offers any rental discounts, be sure to advertise this fact as soon as possible to potential clients. Post a sign and put it in brochures so you can get units rented in a timely manner.

Appealing to people’s sense of fun or nostalgia is a good way to advertise. Currently, adult coloring books are popular. Theme your advertising around this trend and add in a few freebies such as crayons or coloring books featuring your property.

People love to compete so organize a fun competition among employees to increase productivity. Offer new goals and various prizes on a weekly or monthly basis to keep everyone motivated.

Work with local companies to help them attract quality employees by offering the use of any meeting facilities on site to those businesses for interviews and special events to increase exposure of your property.

Choose a local charity such as a pet rescue organization and host a benefit event on your property. The event can be promoted for free through a variety of sources and lots of people will hear about and visit your property.

A simple marketing technique is to print up a bookmark with information regarding your property and then donate those to bookstores and other local businesses to use as free gifts for their clients.

Put up a flyer or two at bus stops near your location. These sites are frequented by large volumes of people on a daily basis who may want to know about rental options in the area.

Choose an appealing theme and decorate the rental office accordingly. This will not only attract new customers, but also help you to retain current ones.

Exchange free advertising with local businesses by including a flyer about their business in your rental folder while they put up a flyer about your property in their establishment.

Free gifts are a great way to encourage a locator service agent to refer someone to your property. Keep the gifts inviting and simple and be sure to offer one to both the agent and the client.

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