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aApartment SEO: A Beginners Guide

An apartment complex can only be successful with the right website content. With the right know-how, it is possible to increase search engine rankings quickly and effectively. The increased web traffic helps apartment communities find reliable and interested renters of all ages and backgrounds. MultiFamily Traffic is a company that specializes in search engine optimization (SEO). Experts with this company understand how to direct the right type of web traffic to an apartment complex’s website. Professionals know which keywords hold the most weight when people look for information online. Understanding SEO can make or break a business. Taking a chance and investing in expertise from the staff at MultiFamily Traffic is a surefire way to get ahead of the competition. This increases not just web traffic but also word of mouth buzz and profits too.

Experts Know How Search Engines Work
Popular search engines scour the Internet looking for relevant websites for users. A group like Google looks for specific keywords in a number of places: from the content itself to the headers. Additionally, a search engine wants to find a regularly updated website that engages with social media sites and other groups. The right SEO ensures that a website is ranked highly in all findings. An apartment complex can only succeed if it finds enough renters. Thus, the right SEO can find people in the correct geographic location and can make sure to fix a person’s needs. If a person searches for a studio apartment in Fairfax, VA, an apartment community in the area needs to reflect this information on its website. The fight people finding the right website leads to a match made in heaven.

Do-It-Yourself SEO Is Hard
Some business owners think they can just insert a lot of keywords into a website and web traffic will follow. SEO is much more complex than this. Thus, it is important for any business to invest in professional services from MultiFamily Traffic. An expert firm understands how to specialize in different industries. For example, MultiFamily Traffic works with apartment complexes to find specific types of renters for different units.

The Focus of Search Engines
Search engines have two main focuses: crawling and indexing and providing responses to users in need of information. A group like Bing looks at different web pages, images, and PDFs, among other items, to index and organize all of the different types of information. The world today runs on data and content. A search engine wants to have all of the best information ready with the touch of a key. And of course, it is important that search engine users can find relevant answers to all of their questions. People looking for an apartment in New York City do not want to read about condos in Florida. Search engines are made to make searches quick and easy.

Ranking Factors and Results
Engineers have evolved how web pages are ranked and organized. A range of factors affect how websites are ranked. There are different algorithms in place to organize just how relevant and popular a website is to a user’s keywords or query. The different algorithms are full of various variables or ranking factors.

Basic Tips for Increasing Rankings
It is important that websites are made for users and not just for search engine rankings. No one looking for an apartment wants to read a poorly written website or one jam-packed full of keywords that feel false. Well-organized web pages are appealing to would-be renters. This means that an apartment complex should have clear text links so that people can easily find out about the community, rates, and amenities. Each page should be easily accessible for a new user. A website’s pages should be accurate and clear. Keywords should be relevant to the topic, and it is important that URLs are both descriptive and concise. Experts with MultiFamily Traffic understand that an apartment complex’s website should be easy for both users and Google’s robots to understand.

SEO Is Valuable but Does Have Limits
Anyone who owns or runs an apartment community should understand the limitations of SEO. For example, content listed in online forms are not always picked up by search engine robots or algorithms. if a website uses content management systems (CMS), a web page’s information could seem like a duplicate. Search engines want original content, so they may reject such versions. Poor link structures and blocked in code may be deemed unimportant. Rich media format and plug-in content is sometimes not picked up as are uncommon terms and variations in word choice like color and colour. It important that there are no mixed messages. For example, if a website says that are focused on the best restaurants in San Francisco, a post about the area but not about food could be dismissed.

Understand Engines’ Results Pages
When people plug in a keyword, they are then given a results page. This could have roughly ten to fifteen links on it. These pages are ranked according to their popularity and relevance, among other factors that have already been mentioned. If the apartment complex is in the top three rankings, it is very likely that a user will click on this content. Businesses around the world are competing for the top three positions on any results page. Working with professionals like MultiFamily Traffic ensures that a business can get ahead of the curve. The higher up a website is on this page, the more traffic and buzz it will receive.

Keywords Are Everything
Of course, the root or foundation of search engine optimization are the keywords that link to a business. For an apartment community, this would mean keywords associated with finding a residence: the location, the number of bedrooms, words like apartment and apartment complex, among others. The right keywords can make or break a website. Professionals with a company like MultiFamily Traffic are experienced with the apartment complex niche or industry. Thus, they know which words are high-valued and will increase rankings. Of course, this means thinking about potential customers or renters and the words they may use to find a unit.

SEO Is Always Changing
How search engines rank websites is always changing. Back in the 90s, it was common for businesses to fill pages with keywords. In the early 2000s, it was common for websites to buy links. Towards the later part of the decade, social media became incredibly important. As times change, search engines change how they rank websites’ relevance and popularity. Professionals with MultiFamily Traffic are focused on researching how algorithms change not just year by year but month by month. Apartment complexes that want to attract local citizens to their units can improve their rankings by staying up to date with SEO changes.

Attract the Right Type of Web Traffic

Online marketing and SEO is not just about the quantity of visitors to a website. Instead, it is about targeting the right people (i.e. people who are looking to move to this area, those who want to rent an apartment in a complex, etc.). Keywords target these visitors so that they are getting the right website for them. No one wants to search for an apartment only to be directed to a website that does not give them what they need.

Figuring Out Keywords’ Worth
Experts in the SEO world know the value of different words and how they pull in different types of visitors. This of course requires a lot of research. The best content is relevant to a website’s mission. For an apartment complex, this means that it relates to the complex’s features, the units, nearby businesses, and the area in general. People are happy when they find out relevant information about these apartments: their size, the rent, etc. Business owners should pay attention to any advertisements that pop up along with the search engine results. These items will also have high value keywords in them.

Google AdWords and Bing Adcenter
Google AdWords and Bing Adcenter help websites test out language and buy test traffic to see potential results. People can track different impressions and see the value of different words. If possible, one can also see how traffic converted to profits (i.e. if they sent the apartment complex an email or made some other valuable action on the website). Testing is a big part of SEO. Experts understand how to experiment with different language and media to see which balance of information is most profitable. MultiFamily Traffic takes the time to set goals and measure progress for clients. After all, a business needs a high rate of return on any investment.

The Power of Social Media Sites
Social networking websites are only getting more and more popular. A lot of important information is shared by millions of people around the world. For example, people often share apartment listings on Facebook and Twitter, and they can let people know when they are moving or in need of a sub-letter. A business has to have some type of presence on these websites if they want to make an impression and share important content. Popular search engines include these social signals in their rankings. Businesses or individuals with a huge circle of friends on these sites can make a huge impression and pull traffic towards a complex’s website and listings. It is smart to have someone who regularly posts on these networks and keeps content fresh, interesting, and relevant. That said, people should know that social media sites are not the same as link sharing. Thus, though tweets, likes, and shares are important, they are not weighed as heavily as websites sharing links.

Long Tail Searches Equal Profits
There are short keywords and longer options. Someone who uses a short word like car may not know what they want from a purchase. Thus, they will take much longer to actually convert their action to a sale. Businesses want to invest in long tail searches or keywords. Someone searching for a 2010 Hyundai Sonata is prepared and knows what type of vehicle they are interested in. An apartment complex wants a renter who knows what he or she wants. If they are looking for a two-bedroom unit with a dishwasher, it means that they have thought long and hard about where they want to live. A more general search is less committed and less likely to sign a lease.

Be Realistic about Rankings and Brands
Businesses of all types need to do sample searches to see which companies or websites take up the top rankings. if a big brand is already in the top three results, it may be hard to overtake them, especially if a complex is new and just establishing itself in a city. SEO marketing takes patience and may take years to perfect. After all, this is about building not just an online reputation but an overall brand.

Link Analysis Is Essential
Different tools help marketing professionals better understand how terms and phrases perform. When search engines are patrolling the Internet, they pay attention to the links and how they connect to one another. In turn, this helps determine how information is shared and if a website is popular in and out of the community. This is more than buying up a lot of links or posting a blog post in a number of places. Instead, it is about how many trusted and high value websites mention or share an apartment complex website’s information. There are even authority models or algorithms in place to determine if site is an expert in the field or highly trusted. At the end of the day, search engines want to look for site links that are topic specific, have strong anchor text or descriptions, and are popular in and out of the community.

Start Thinking About Spam Communities
A general rule is that if a website links to spam that they are probably spam too. Thus, marketing professionals like MultiFamily Traffic understand how to make sure that an apartment complex website is only mentioned by community leaders and professionals. Removing a faulty link relationship can only increasing rankings. Groups have to be smart about who they link to and remain vigilant in knowing how other sites mention them in return. Additionally, some websites go out of style quicker than one might think. Businesses change their URLs or web addresses and blog posts stop being updated sometimes. It is important that an apartment community only links to active and popular sites. Adding additional links over time and removing older ones keeps a website current and its ranking high.

The Art of Link Building
SEO professionals have to learn the art of link building. This means understanding how to manage both natural and outreach types of building initiatives. Experts with MultiFamily Traffic often create focused campaigns to manage this process. A natural campaign focuses on relationships with other pages or groups that are related to the company are close to the apartment complex. An outreach campaign works on placing the complex’s website on a directory or reaching out to different bloggers. Such a manual campaign often means that a company or group is paying for these links. Thus, it is important that an apartment complex has a working idea of how much they are willing to pay for SEO services and campaigns. Earning website awards is a free yet time-consuming process linked to such outreach. Lastly, there are self-created link building options where people create links by signing into guest books or making relevant comments on a blog. Successful apartment SEO combines all three options: natural, manual, and self-created link building efforts.

Rating Link Building Initiatives
Building links is not about quantity but about quality. Thus, it is smart to build links with a group that already ranks highly for the phrase two-bedroom apartments. Staff with MultiFamily Traffic often check to see how pages are currently ranked with MozRank to work with popular pages. Taking the time to see how a domain is ranked with a search query helps people leverage this information. And of course, it is smart to think about how competitors are linking with groups.

Look at the Competition
A popular competitor will already have built links. Thus, MultiFamily Traffic can use a tool like Open Site Explorer to see which groups are affiliated with the website. From here, a relationship can be built. One should also think about the value of referral traffic. People love when customers find out about their website or business from another group. Smart apartment communities will think about the value they have for another organization. For example, someone who is looking to rent an apartment will no doubt need to furnish this space and then find local restaurants. Linking to these groups is mutually beneficial for everyone involved.

Collaborate with Local Businesses
Smart apartment complex owners and managers will take the time to join a small business association in the area. They can all work on SEO initiatives together, as long as they are not in direct competition with one another. Loyal customers will also spread the word, especially if they are rewarded with promotional items, discounts, and other incentives. Getting people to wear t-shirts and share a promotion is a great way to get an apartment rented.

Blogs Are Great
An apartment community should have a blog in addition to their regular website listing apartment information. This blog can focus on how to decorate the space, how to choose renter’s insurance, and other home-related topics. A blog is routinely updated more than a website, and it can generate traffic in a new way. This produces fresh content that helps would-be renters while keeping the complex website up to date and new. Blogs go in their own directories, and writers or managers can link to likeminded groups. The wittier and more modern the content is on this blog, the more likely it is that people will share it with loved ones via social media.

Write and Submit Regular Press Releases and Media Pieces
Media is powerful, even in the Information or Internet age. The news is a great way to generate buzz. Thus, if an apartment complex plans on having a community event or volunteers their time somewhere, this should be covered by the press. Apartment complex owners and managers can send out a press release with this information to everyone from newspapers to local bloggers. This is a quick and efficient way to get some local coverage that can also build web traffic.

Different Groups Need Different Things
Different apartment groups will use different link build strategies. For example, someone just starting out will need to focus on smaller building strategies: placing items in directories, working on web content, and building relationships. A complex that has been around for a while can work on more advanced techniques.

Avoid Submitting Links Directly to Search Engines
Because SEO is always changing, there are some myths that need to be debunked. For example, search engine submission forms are not as valuable as they were in the late 90s. this is where websites would tag their work and then submit it to a search engine. Many of these posts ended up being spam, which meant that the content was neither reliable or relevant. Today, groups like Bing and Google don’t heavily weight or use submitted links. The best way to build attention is through the aforementioned natural or manual techniques.

Meta Tags Aren’t What They Used to Be
Meta tags and keywords used to be valuable back in the day. People would include all of the keywords related to their topic with the hope that users who used these words in a query would be directed to the apartment complex’s website. This is no longer the case because web content become recycled, boring, and hard to read. Spam bots would create fake websites that were not real or valuable to consumers. Today, search engines do not consider meta tags a valuable ranking factor in their algorithms. Still, it is important to still focus on title tags and meta descriptions. Keyword stuffing can actually get a page banned from rankings. Thus, the golden rule of SEO is to produce well-researched, well-written, and creative content. Quality is always better than quantity in the SEO world. Experts in marketing and search engine optimization at MultiFamily Traffic understand how to build links and create unique content that highlights valuable language.

Careful with Paying for Pay Per Click
Paid advertisements no longer equal increased web traffic. Businesses end up losing money when they invest in pay per click campaigns because many search engines do not weigh them in their rankings. Paid search findings are a major myth that people believe in from habits built a decade ago. MultiFamily Traffic staff focus on content and link building rather than investing in paying for pay per click advertisements. It is easy to be seduced by the promise of attention and easy profits. However, this is a temporary experience. Smart websites will stay patient when it comes to search engine optimization.

Spam Ruins an Apartment Complex’s Image
Since the Internet began, there has been spam. Pages are specifically built to pull in people’s attention, clicking, and sales. Spambots try to increase their blog or website’s rankings via keyword stuffing, links, and more. people try to use spam because there is a real financial benefit. Businesses can earn thousands if they are at the top of the results for just one single day. However, despite these benefits, spam can harm the image and livelihood of a website. No apartment complex wants to be looked at as shady or unreliable. Additionally, spam makes it unlikely that a consumer will invest in a unit, share this information with loved ones, or return to the website. SEO is about building customer loyalty: not just about increased traffic and rankings for a day. SEO professionals with MultiFamily Traffic are interested in the long-term game of Internet marketing. Search engines are getting smarter about how they weigh different websites. Using spam could penalize or flag a website, which can force an apartment complex to lose thousands of dollars. People should avoid momentary success and invest in long-term gain.

Search Engines Identifying Spam and Manipulation
Search engines take the time to analyze everything from domains to individual web pages. Keyword stuffing is pretty easy to spot. All a search engine has to do is look for the repetition of certain words. There are algorithms focused on spotting keyword stuffing. Link acquisition is another type of manipulation people use to get increased rankings. Search engines can identify if links are inflated via exchange programs. Additionally, it is easy for groups to spot paid links too. Google really goes above and beyond to nix these types of link building. They can remove businesses and websites from the rankings completely, which can make it really hard to rent an apartment. Lastly, MultiFamily Traffic focuses only on high quality and reputable directories. Low quality ones are only in place to increase rankings and serve little other service. Algorithms matched with individual reviews help search engines spot spam and other types of link manipulation.

HTML Code Can Hide Spam
Some websites will try and spam people by hiding keywords and important information in HTML code. The human eye may not be able to spot this type of manipulation. However, web crawlers can. Search engines call this type of manipulation cloaking. Bing and Google work hard to identify cloaking and to avoid these pages ranking highly.

Weeding Out Low Value Websites
A low value website is one that is not properly organized, contains errors, and is not particularly reputable or respected. Search engines do not want to rank these pages highly because users will not find unique or important information on them. Google takes the time to really review the quality of different blogs and websites. For example, a 2011 update called Panda not only worked to find these pages but to actually remove them from rankings.

Consequences of Link Building Manipulation
When a search engine spots manipulation, they make every effort to remove these items from the web. After all, they want to rank websites that are honest and hold themselves to a high standard. This ensures visitors get what they need after submitting a query. A side may not even be warned if there content is called into question. Instead, the site could be banned from the index or not added to rankings. Thus, an apartment complex could seem invisible to someone looking for it.

The Value of Trust and Search Engines
Trusted sites are those that have valuable or important links. Additionally, these sites also have high-value content. Websites that are trusted rank highly and treated different from other pages. Thus, it is important to work with websites that are popular or have a good reputation. Wikipedia may not always have the best content but the site is internationally known. Thus, it is acceptable for a web page to link here. However, it might be more problematic if an apartment complex was linked to a directory full of spammed content.

Taking the Time to Monitor Visitors’ Experiences
People want credible information. Content is defined as valuable when people visit the site and find the information they need. Search engines actually look to see if people return to a site after they visit it and how many people end up clicking on specific pages while here. Google can actually keep track of a person who clicks a link and then hits the back button to find another web page. This signals that the content did not have the information they were looking for.

Earning and Then Maintaining a High Ranking
Well-performing apartment complex websites have to maintain their online presence. A reputable SEO group like MultiFamily Traffic helps websites maintain and increase their ranking over time. This in turn heightens a brand’s effectiveness. Websites have to continuously update their content, keep track of the latest businesses, and pay attention to how people are finding out about their organization. Once a renter signs a lease, smart business owners and managers will find out more information about them: how they heard about the complex, what they are looking for, and key demographics, among other information.

Website Maintenance, Measurement, and Flagging
Sometimes, a website may not know they have been flagged for quite some time. This is why it is important to always pay attention to site monitoring (i.e. checking traffic, knowing how people find a page, etc.). Experts with MultiFamily Traffic can spot if this is the reason behind fewer visitors and apartment inquiries. Changing one thing can alter rankings. And of course, algorithms are always changing. A web page may be okay one day, factors could change, and then the page is no longer in good gracings. Proper site maintenance ensures an apartment complex can act fast if there is an issue.

SEO Professionals Know What to Check For
Professionals understand the ever-changing world of SEO. Experts in fear that a website has been flagged know what to look for. The first thing MultiFamily Traffic will look for is if there are any errors on the page. For example, someone updating the page’s organization and coding may have made an error. Both direct pages to the content as well as structure changes can affect rankings and how search engines experience a site. It is smart to see if other pages have experienced lost rankings because of changing algorithms. Valuation changes depending on which factors are weighed highly. SEO experts take the time to stay current on how search engines rank sites. Thus, they will know why there are sudden dips in traffic or rankings. Lastly, websites have to be careful that they do not have duplicate content, which can happen by mistake. Apartment complexes want to unload or rent units. Thus, they may make the mistake of posting too much about a specific apartment. Professionals take the time to creatively post about units without duplicating information.

Understanding How to Lift Penalties
No matter how careful a web page is, flagging can still happen because of mistakes or changing valuation of various factors. Professionals with a reputable group like MultiFamily Traffic understand how to manage penalties. All is not lost. However, it can be time-consuming. First off, people should know this is much more complicated than simply picking up the phone. Instead, websites have to review their data and proceed with caution. An apartment complex website has to register the site with the Webmaster Tools Service. This shows a group like Bing or Google that the site can be trusted. Next, experts need to review their sites for broken pages, spam, keyword stuffing, and other issues. Any appeals or requests for reinstatement have to happen with the Webmaster Tools service. Honesty is always the best policy. Some websites just do not know that they have been in the wrong, others do, and other groups hire SEO experts once the damage is done. Explaining the situation in complete detail improves the possibility of re-inclusion.

Act Quickly to Be Reinstated

Smart business owners or managers will be quick with any revisions or remedies to a website. Delaying this might make the site look like it means to manipulate links or use spamming techniques. If bad links are being used, the complex needs to take them down right away. If there is keyword stuffing, it is important to remove this as soon as possible. Smart websites take the time to hire professional writers who understand the apartment world. These professionals produce unique content whereas staff with MultiFamily Traffic will shape the language so it is SEO rich. All errors should be removed before a website asks to be reinstated. Search engine professionals will look to see if a page has been revised and if it is now in line with requirements.

It Is a Waiting Game
If a website is flagged, business owners or managers can expect to wait for a response. Search engines are large organizations. Think about Google: they have thousands of projects, employees, and priorities. A website asking for re-inclusion is not high on their list of priorities. Thus, people could wait weeks or even months before they hear anything back. An apartment complex can keep working on their content while they wait. After all, this is still a chance to engage with would-be renters on social media websites and to work on individual pages so they are fresh with information. Hundreds of sites are penalized every week, so patience is a virtue once a request for review has been made. That said, large brands may be reviewed more quickly than others. Additionally, professionals may want to try and network for such advantages at industry events like conferences.

Search Engines Are Powerful
The worst mistake a website can make is to be pushy or threaten legal action. Bing and Google have the legal right to include or reject pages for their indexes. They will not be pressured by attorneys. In fact, this could be seen as disrespectful and a surefire death sentence. Apartment complexes should always tread with caution if they want to remedy a past mistake.

Working with SEO professionals with MultiFamily Traffic means that an apartment complex can find the right renters for them. Refining a website and using social media takes experience and skill. The right content and link building helps an apartment community make a name for itself both in and out of the area. Anyone looking for an apartment will be referred to such a complex if the right SEO is used. After all, online marketing is the future for any business. It is best to tread carefully before diving into the world of website management. Understanding how SEO works builds a strong reputation. In turn, search engines will highly rank the site because it appears to be relevant and popular. With traffic comes profits and attention, especially if content is clear,

specific, and honest.



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