7 Reasons To Let MultiFamily Traffic Manage Your PPC Campaign

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You need your marketing dollars to turn into leases and you want to get the lowest cost per lease. Achieving awesome organic search rankings using MultiFamily Traffic’s Organic Apartment SEO Services are the perfect long term strategy but if you are in an urgent lease-up situation or ultra-competitive market you will want to bolt on MultiFamily Traffic PPC Management Services.  .

When done right and responsibly Apartment SEO can be a slower process, and apartment communities in lease-up may not have the few months to wait for rankings. Also, communities in very competitive cities may need an extra boost even if they have non-emergency occupancy levels.. That’s why many of the smartest managers and protfolios turn to PPC (Pay-Per-Click) advertising.

PPC advertising has the potential to deliver targeted potential renters right to your website, but it takes a lot of experience and technical know-how to do it properly without burning your properties budget.. It takes an expert Apartment PPC analyst to review every potential facet of your account, looking for ways to improve and get you the lowest-cost-per-lease.

If you’re thinking of setting up your own Google AdWords account and running it yourself, don’t. There’s a reason PPC professionals like MultiFamily Traffic charge a fee for PPC management. You wouldn’t repair the roof on your complex by yourself and you wouldn’t dig your own swimming pool, some things are better left to professionals and PPC management is one of them.

If you’re new to PPC as a way to get your units leased, you may be unaware that it will cost you less to hire an expert like MultiFamily Traffic and let then run it than it will be to launch a campaign on your own.


As we consult with our apartment community clients we are often asked “what makes PPC so difficult?”  Below are some reasons why going it alone with PPC is a dangerous proposition.

1. Apartment Market Keyword Research Isn’t Easy

Apartment keyword research in your communities’ exact city is crucial to your PPC campaign success, and it’s something MultiFamily Traffic’s PPC experts spend a ton of time on initially and throughout the MultiFamily Traffic PPC campaign process. If you or your property managers pick the wrong keywords you can burn through your marketing budget in a few short hours or days and your PPC campaign will result in little (or worse) no conversions to leases.

2. When Running Apartment PPC Campaigns Tracking Requires Technical Expertise

The most important part of all lease-producing PPC programs is having an expert that can track not only clicks and leases, but where those leases are coming from. Good analysis can show you which placements and apartment search keywords are likely to bring you the most traffic conversions into leases

3. Do You Understand All the Apartment PPC Terminology?

You may know what PPC stands for, but do you know what all these mean: CPM, CPC, CPA? Give up?

What about the difference between Impressions, Views, and Hits? Do you know what retargeting is?

Understanding these terms is extremely important in the day-to-day management of your apartment marketing campaigns. MultiFamily Traffic can do all the work for you for a small fee and you can focus on what you do best – running your property and portfilo.MFT PPC 2

4. Apartment PPC Campaign Settings Can Be Confusing and Cost You Big $ if Done Wrong

There are several potential settings you must adjust in order to get optimum exposure for your apartment community. For example, geographic settings can help you target a specific part of town.

Without a clear understanding of all the Apartment PPC campaign settings, and how they may benefit you and your property, you most likely end up paying way too much for the same traffic that MultiFamily Traffic could get you for  pennies on the dollar utilizing the same techniques that the large ILS’s use to manage their PPC spend.

5. Click Fraud is an Apartment Marketers Worst Nightmare

If you’re a well intention property manager or even marketing executive for a large portfolio, the chances are almost 100% that you probably don’t know how to monitor for click fraud. You should expect that there is always going to be attempted click fraud with any apartment PPC campaign. You need a partner that can keep you safe and protect your budget so that all of it goes to getting you more leases. And its not just “bad guys” there may even be some auto-generated clicks to your PPC ads that have nothing to do with click fraud, for instance a bot trying to spider your apartment website for whatever reason.

MultiFamily Traffic will watch your stats and log files for suspicious activity.

6. Just Like Every Other Aspect of Property Management You Must Keep Up With the Latest Changes in PPC

MultiFamily Traffic stays up-to-date with the latest apartment marketing trends we often times spend our nights and weekends reading Apartment SEO and PPC news, journals, and/or SEO forums. We attend SEO and PPC industry trade shows several times annually as well as invite only SEO networking events, and also have a few friends and peers that work for search engines they we can reach out to for expert advice or comparing notes on the latest SEO and PPC trends.

7. You Need To Manage A Property or Portfolio, Do You Really Have the Time to Manage PPC?

You manage you customers most important (non-living) priority – their HOME, you’re probably busy with hundreds of other tasks daily. Do you really have the time to manage properties PPC account and give it the attention that it deserves?


MultiFamily Traffic is ready to get you the leases you need TODAY and letting us manage a PPC campaign for you may be a great way to do it. Call our team at 888-683-5885 today and we can walk you through some options.


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