Dear Fellow Property Manager,

90% off all apartment rentals start with a search on Google. Imagine the renters you are missing by not having your property on the first page of Google for the unique search phrases that renters in your market are typing in.

We don’t believe in pay-per-click, we don’t use adword campaigns, we don’t charge ILS fees; MultiFamilyTraffic has engineered the worlds most powerful and proven process for getting our clients properties on the first page of Google for thousands of unique search phrases that capture the lions’ share of potential renters in their LOCAL markets.

For years, we’ve been able to make our properties the most successful properties in their local markets, by dominating the first page of Google, and we can do the same thing for any property, of any size, market-rate, affordable, luxury it doesn’t matter we can deliver results.

1. Are you completely missing an opportunity to connect with 9 out of every 10 potential renters in your city at the moment they begin looking for an apartment? Every savvy portfolio or property manager should be motivated to examine any possible remedy for their “low traffic” problem.

2. Are you willing to go from being curious, to really doing something about fixing your website traffic problem? In this economy the decision to do something can’t be postponed. Find your prospective residents before they find your competition – or before your competitors find us! We’re the fastest growing web solutions firm in the apartment industry.

So the next step is an easy 10 minute conversation to review what you’re trying to accomplish with your website, we can explain how we work, and if MutiFamilyTraffic.com is the right partner for you.

Do you know what online renters are really looking for? We’ll discuss your marketing strategy, and how to better respond to what they want! We can build a virtual wall around your properties’ online presence that your competition can’t penetrate driving rental traffic directly to you.

We look forward to learning more about your company and properties, and helping you grow your portfolio.

We can be reached at:  888-683-5885

What We Do: Its simple, we 100% Guarantee that we will drive qualified Google’s search results for the relevant keywords you choose within 45 days or your money back.

How Do We Do It: Apartment marketing is not easy. As the experts in ranking apartments on the first page of Google and other search engines, we know how difficult our 45 Day Guarantee is to accomplish. We want to keep you as a happy client so we do as much as it takes to get your property elevated to Page One and keep it there month after month.

The Benefits: By having your property listed in top Google search results, traffic from potential renters will explode. This can help you to:

  • Raise Occupancy Rates
  • Increase IRR
  • Be More Selective with Renters
  • Avoid Competing Properties Altogether
  • Reduce Fees Paid to ILS services



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